Welcome to Nikwejong. This site is dedicating to recording and presenting the history of the Lansing MI, Native American community. Historically, Lansing was a crossroads for the Anishinaabeg community. While neither Ojibwe, Odawa, nor Pottawatomie called this area “home”, it was a crucial space for hunting, traveling, and gathering. Elders call this place Nkwejong (where the rivers meet) and it remains an important site for Native people from across Michigan and the Great Lakes who come here to work and go to school. The Lansing community also has a large number of fluent-speakers. Many of the stories here are from these elders and their experiences coming here to work and live. It will also highlight the importance of Anishinaabemowin in the community and the traditional knowledge many of these elders have to pass on. This site is designed to be a place where these stories can be preserved and accessed by the Lansing Anishinaabeg community and as a resource for educators working with Native youth.

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